Bell's Plumbing and Heating carry out all aspects of plumbing and heating work in the North East area.

Specialising in Gas and Heating work in both domestic and commercial properties.

I am a Gas Safe Heating Engineer and Commercial Gas Engineer with 18 years experience.

Plumbing and heating services for domestic and commercial properties

Fully qualified, time-served heating engineer with 18 years experience offering work in all aspects of plumbing and heating. I am a Gas Safe Engineer and carry out all areas of gas work including boiler repair, boiler install and boiler service and maintenance. I am a specialist commercial gas engineer and have experience working in the commercial and catering industry carrying out all types of gas work.

Heating & Gas

I am a Gas Safe Engineer qualified to carry out all domestic and commercial gas work. All heating and gas work carried out including boiler install, boiler repair and boiler service work.

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All types of plumbing installation and plumbing repair work carried out including installing, repairing and maintaining pipes. I am a qualified, time-served plumber with 18 years experience.

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Commercial gas

I am a specialist Commercial Gas Engineer who is qualified to work on all elements of commercial heating and catering including installation, servicing and repair work.

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Boiler service and maintenance

Boiler's should be serviced every year to maintain the boiler warranty, prolong the life of the boiler and make sure it's operating as it should and as efficiently as possible.

I use my Anton Flue Gas Analyser at every boiler service I do. It takes a sample from the boiler's flue and measures the gases that the boiler produces, telling me the levels and the temperature of the gases.

This helps me to ensure that the boiler is operating safely and efficiently.

Boiler break down and repair

A boiler break down can really impact your household. It's inconvenient, uncomfortable, and, if the break down happens in winter, it can become dangerous.

If you find yourself with no heating or hot water you need it fixing - fast!

I specialise in boiler repair and I'm qualified to work on all types of boiler in both domestic and commercial properties.

Central heating maintenance

It is important to maintain your central heating system to ensure it's ongoing performance, efficiency and longevity.

All gas appliances should be serviced every year to minimise risk of a breakdown, prolong the life of the appliance and make sure it's operating efficiently.

Over time, heating systems can suffer due to a build up for air and iron oxide. A powerflush machine (pictured) removes this build up to improve performance, efficiency and reliability.

Boiler install

There are many reasons why you may need a new boiler. Boilers lose efficiency over time. On average, boilers last between 10 and 15 years.

Is your boiler "beyond economical repair", meaning it's more cost-effective to get your boiler replaced than repaired.

Other signs you may need a new boiler include frequent boiler leaks or breakdowns, bills creeping up without explanation, your boiler or radiators are noisy, the blue flame is now yellow or replacement parts are hard to find.


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