Commercial gas and heating

Specialist Commercial Gas Engineer carrying out work on all commercial gas appliances in nurseries, restaurants and cafes, factories and business premises.

Case study: Seventeen cafe, Coxhoe

The management at Cafe Seventeen in Coxhoe contacted me to book a service on the kitchen and canopy, and to also provide a CP42 - a Commercial Kitchen Gas Safety certificate that shows the appliance is safe.

They also asked me to look at a troublesome cooker ring that was causing them problems that they believed was coming from the oven's thermocouple.

Upon inspection I discovered that the thermocouple was operating correctly and the issue with the ring was a partially blocked injector

This saved the customer money by not replacing the parts and got the cooker ring operating fully again.

Another happy customer!


Gas servicing and maintenance

All gas installations, including both the installed appliances as well as the pipework, flues and associated systems should be regularly inspected and serviced.

For commercial premises’ this is not only good practice but it is also a legal requirement and often a requirement of most insurance policies.

These regular checks are undertaken to ensure that the system is not only working effectively, efficiently and safely but that there are no ongoing concerns that might cause a dangerous situation or unplanned shutdown in the future.

I am a specialist Commercial Gas Engineer and have 18 years experience in commercial gas work.


Commercial gas break down and repair

If your commercial boiler breaks down, this could first impact your business productivity. Or, if your processes rely on hot water, they will stop, and you’ll lose revenue. Not to mention the uncomfortable inconvenience for your staff.

Getting your commercial boiler running again is a massive priority and you need a qualified, experienced engineer that you can rely on.

I am a specialist Commercial Gas Engineer with 18 years experience and offer a professional and dependable service.

The interior of gas boiler, with three boilers.

Commercial boiler installation

A domestic boiler has a range up to 70kw. A boiler with a heat output above 70kw is considered to be commercial.

Commercial boilers lose efficiency over time. Despite regular maintenance, over prolonged periods, components suffer from wear and tear. This means that they eventually cost more to run and cost more in energy usage.

At some point in the life of a commercial boiler it becomes more cost effective to replace it with a more efficient boiler.

I am qualified to install commercial gas boiler and heating systems for all types of commercial establishments, from Restaurants to Nurseries and Hotels to Schools.


Catering servicing and repair

I am qualified for all servicing and repair work on a wide range of commercial catering appliances including Cookers, Ovens, Salamander grills Griddles, Fryers, Hot cupboards, and more.

Regular servicing ensures that the system is not only working effectively and safely but that there are no ongoing concerns that might cause a dangerous situation or unplanned shutdown in the future.

I am a specialist Commercial Gas Engineer and offer a reliable and professional service.



"Great service, a lovely guy who went above and beyond to help out with our heating problem, and very good price too. Also gave good advice and was very knowledgeable in his field of work - would definitely recommend"


Karen Williams
Coxhoe Village Hall

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